The feminine pad category is a very sensitive one in the Arab Region, especially among young girls.  The topic is considered embarrassing, so brands rely mainly on ATL/TV advertising to communicate with their consumers.

The launch of Nana’s new product Roll.Press.Go came with very aggressive growth targets in key markets Lebanon and Jordan in 2015.

Our key challenge was to overcome the sensitivity issue and to find a way to connect and engage with our consumers in a way no other brand has done before, and to stand up against giant spenders like Always.



At this sensitive age, 16-to-24 year-old girls are constantly searching for affirmation and seek comfort, strength and inspiration from their best friends.

They feel that it’s great to be a woman but are very embarrassed talking about their period, and pads.  Mishaps associated with sanitary pads are at the top of the list of humiliating situations. They live in fear of being publicly embarrassed and so they always rely on their best friend to check their pants!